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Outstanding Employer Internship Program

Recognizes organizations who have distinguished themselves by developing quality internship programs.

Award Criteria:

  • University Engagement: Employer proactively establishes relationships with colleges and universities through activities such as on-campus career fairs, classroom/campus organization presentations, advisory boards, etc.
  • Structured Internship Experience: Employer provides a well-structured internship experience through activities that include providing interns with the opportunity to do work of a professional nature; establishing well-defined, measurable goals; providing constructive feedback through regular mentor/intern meetings; etc.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Employer provides opportunities for the intern to grow professionally through activities such as supporting intern attendance at meetings, workshops, and conferences; building opportunities for networking with other professionals; encouraging community engagement by providing opportunities to work with other employees on community-related projects; etc.


2014IndependenceFirst (Nonprofit)

2013Jockey International, Inc. (Large Employer) and IMPACT 2-1-1 (Nonprofit)

2012 – Kohl’s

2011Direct Supply

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