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Outstanding Employer Internship Program

Recognizes organizations who have distinguished themselves by developing quality internship programs.

Award Criteria:

  • University Engagement: Employer proactively establishes relationships with colleges and universities through activities such as on-campus career fairs, classroom/campus organization presentations, advisory boards, etc.
  • Structured Internship Experience: Employer provides a well-structured internship experience through activities that include providing interns with the opportunity to do work of a professional nature; establishing well-defined, measurable goals; providing constructive feedback through regular mentor/intern meetings; etc.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Employer provides opportunities for the intern to grow professionally through activities such as supporting intern attendance at meetings, workshops, and conferences; building opportunities for networking with other professionals; encouraging community engagement by providing opportunities to work with other employees on community-related projects; etc.


2017Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin- Clinical Navigation Program (Nonprofit) and Batteries Plus (Large Employer)

2016Milwaukee Center for Independence (Nonprofit) and Oceans of Fun (Small Employer)

2015Waukesha County Business Alliance (Nonprofit) and Society Insurance (Large Employer)

2014IndependenceFirst (Nonprofit)

2013Jockey International, Inc. (Large Employer) and IMPACT 2-1-1 (Nonprofit)

2012 – Kohl’s

2011Direct Supply

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